Adding Spark to life

I drove my friend’s Chevrolet Spark yesterday and this car did add spark to my life! Soon after I reached home I read Chevrolet Spark performance review and Spark maintenance reviews to know more about what users say about this car. Furthermore Chevy Spark reviews and ratings exhibit the excellence in handling, features, performance and all other aspects. Chevrolet customer service reviews also certify the commendations related to customer services.


Mileage of the Tavera and Customer Care

The Tavera fuel efficiency has created a rage amongst the MUV segment car owners, as in addition to the user-friendly features and excellent handling, the mileage of 14+ km on city roads and 20+ km on highways has given users a competitive advantage. Tavera Neo 2 mileage reviews substantiate the fact! I have myself posted Chevrolet customer care service reviews as I always received excellent customer support from the Chevrolet executives.

Captiva SUV compared to Honda CR-V

Captiva IndiaIt is such an effortless driving experience with the Captiva SUV. I have also driven the Honda CR-V, but I find the Chevrolet brand more comfortable in handling. Captiva SUV compared to Honda CR-V is much superior when it comes to features. Mileage is another factor that matters and Captiva SUV fuel efficiency gains on this aspect. Before you go for a test drive do also read Chevrolet customer care service reviews.

Chevrolet Customer Care Services

Customer care service in Chevrolet showrooms and service centres are so good that I am delighted to post Chevrolet customer care service reviews on few of the car portals. I own a Tavera Neo 2; the mileage result is superb compared to other similar brand varieties. You may read Tavera Neo 2 mileage reviews, Tavera fuel efficiency reviews and more of Chevrolet customer service reviews posted by other users; the reviews speak volume about its positive traits!

Chevrolet Aveo U-VA

Chevrolet Aveo UVAThe sporty handsome hatchback Chevrolet Aveo U-VA with attractive exteriors appealed me as I went to the Chevrolet showroom to buy a car. My wife, an Internet freak, had been showing me the reviews and buyers’ comments available on web regarding Chevrolet cars. Chevy Aveo U-VA user reviews, Chevy Aveo U-VA fuel efficiency reviews, Aveo U-VA engine capacity reviews, and Aveo U-VA maintenance cost reviews were the most posted and 80% of these reviews carried positive responses.

Reviews and Comparisons

I am adventure freak – my Honda CR-V and Captiva SUV, in turns, transports me to the destination of my choice! Chevrolet customer care service reviews confirmed that the Captiva SUV is the best in its genre as also revealed by Captiva SUV fuel efficiency reviews. Yes, Captiva SUV compared to Honda CR-V does stay one step ahead. Read Chevrolet customer service reviews if you are planning to buy a Captiva SUV.

Chevrolet Spark—Explore Magnificence

Chevrolet Spark IndiaAs per Chevrolet customer care service reviews, Chevrolet Spark is a comeback vehicle to the long forgotten Matiz. The car has fired up raving Chevy Spark reviews and ratings owing to its stylish and expensive looks and spacious interiors. Chevrolet spark user reviews reveal the experiences of those who have already explored the car, and they say a lot about a host of features that combine with spark’s handsome, sturdy, and robust good looks. Browse through Chevrolet customer service reviews and you will know that the fuel efficient and low on maintenance car has even more to its aura.

Chevrolet Captiva is here to Capture you

Chevrolet Captiva LTZ comes adorned with a five-speed automatic transmission that makes it one of the most sought after SUV in the market. Check Captiva high cost reviews and you will know that the car is all game to impress you with its justified price tag that brings along a booty of accessories and other sophisticated engine luxuries. Captiva SUV fuel efficiency too will make you smile all the more when you go on long safaris packed with your adventurous backpacks. For Captiva SUV compare Honda CR-V that makes the former have an added advantage of lower cost and extra features.

Chevrolet rules hearts

Optra Magnum

Optra Magnum

Chevy Optra is a top-of-the-line Multi-Utility Vehicle launched by GM in the recent years. Chevrolet Optra magnum reviews are exciting enough to make one test drive the car once and feel the magnificence of sophisticated technology. As far as performance is concerned Chevrolet Optra Magnum diesel test drive reviews has sparked up great results. The superbly designed car intimidates many others in mileage, fuel efficiency and of course, its par excellence performance as per Chevrolet customer service reviews. Not to worry, Chevrolet Optra magnum price too fits well in your budget. Chevy Optra is the perfect luxury car for you!

Chevrolet Aveo—complete family car

I wanted to buy myself luxury on four wheels and after seeing Chevrolet Aveo 1.4 and Aveo 1.6, I was sure that this was the car I wanted to buy. To know more, I browsed through Chevy Aveo buyer comments as well as Chevy Aveo user reviews, full of praise for its styling, performance and all in all great interiors. Chevy Aveo interior reviews too were inspiring – that the car is very spacious and accommodative. Finally I checked Chevy Aveo features reviews and then, one test drive and I was amongst Chevy Aveo the users!

Chevrolet Optra deriving mind blowing reviews all over

Chevrolet Optra

Chevrolet Optra

The magnificent Chevy Optra is here to amaze one and all. One of GM’s top-of-the-line vehicles, Optra SRV rates high on Chevrolet customer care service reviews. A versatile road panther, Chevrolet Optra magnum reviews are simply mind blowing. As per Chevrolet Optra Magnum diesel test drive reviews, the vehicle delivers excellent performance. Chevrolet Optra Magnum price is a bit high but given the luxury it offer, it is truly justified.

Chevrolet Spark – Sparking new hopes

Chevrolet Spark India

Chevrolet Spark India

Expensive looks geared with style, Chevrolet Spark is a dream affordable. Moreover, its performance has ignited outstanding Chevy Spark reviews and ratings. The roguishly striking design and easy-to-maneuver compact styling in addition to excellent interiors has made it a luxury vehicle for masses. As per Chevrolet customer care service reviews, Spark has added yet another choice for small segment car buyers. Chevrolet customer service reviews brag about the 3 years/1 lakh kms warranty that GM offers with Spark.

Optra SRV—Bowling over the masses

Fuelling great Optra SRV reviews and reaping astounding profits for GM, Optra is a car beyond excellence. Check out Optra SRV mileage reviews and then go for a test drive to see its spell-bounding performance. Even Chevrolet customer care service reviews speak volumes of it being the prior choice of many buyers. As per Optra SRV buyer comments, the Italian designs are magnificently attractive. The SRV is undoubtedly a car connoisseur’s dream come true.

Chevrolet Spark—Glorifying GM

In an endeavor to offer luxury to the small car segment, GM has launched Chevrolet Spark which has lightened up the Indian automobile market with burning Chevrolet Spark user reviews. Not too heavy on pockets, the car promises to offer splendid comfort and luxury and as per Chevy Spark reviews and ratings, the car stands tall amongst the small cars offered by leading Indian brands. Chevrolet customer service reviews too have stressed its promising appeal and excellent performance.

GM Cars – One for everyone

Chevrolet India

Chevrolet India

Chevrolet is one of the most renowned car manufacturing companies. As per the Chevrolet customer service reviews, GM cars have always been appreciated for the advanced technology, delivering beyond excellence. Gm has always reciprocated the rising demands of the masses and has introduced cutting vehicles all throughout; all GM cars are designed par brilliance. GM India cars are an epitome of sturdy looks blended with luxurious appeal and comfort which make them the top favorites of the buyers. GM has churned out one after other tremendously stunning cars for every group of people. From small sized cars, mid sized sedans, SUVs, sports cars, luxury vehicles, GM has something to offer to everyone.

GM people understand that mechanization and automatic control is what the masses want in their cars too and to fulfill their demands, they introduced Chevrolet Optra in July 2003, Tavera in May 2004, Aveo and Optra SRV in 2006 and Aveo-U-VA in December 2006, Spark and Captiva in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Further, GM has pioneered the cashless ownership offer too which includes complete labor costs, maintenance services and repair for 3 years or 45,000 kms whichever is first. Chevrolet customer care service reviews reveal that customers have always given thumbs up to GM cars and services and are happy to be a part of GM family.

GM spelling success with new Launches

Chevrolet cars are an epitome of luxury and excellent performance on the road. As per the service dealer reviews, GM cars have continually been drawing buyers across the country and have been reaping great profits for GM. India’s cars in true sense, Chevy vehicles have always set the roads of all kinds ablaze with efficiency. As per the Chevrolet customer service reviews, customers are happy driving their Chevy as it delivers great performance, superb mileage, and a smooth driving experience. Besides, endowed with plush accessories, accommodating seating, comfort, spacious and sophisticated looks, GM cars have everything that makes them simply perfect.

General Motors India has over the years concentrated on the requirements of the customers and have blended these with the advanced technology to launch cutting edge vehicles year after year. GM cars are not only affordable but dependent too; and the best thing is that they have a car for every requirement, every size, and every pocket. With the launch of Spark as a mid segment car, GM has answered the needs of luxury within budget of the majority of Indians. Sedans, sports cars and SUVs like Tavera, Optra Magnum definitely spell robustness and luxury on four wheels.

Chevrolet India Cars

Chevrolet India

Chevrolet India

Having completed more than hundred years of significant market rule, GM cars have never failed to excite and surprise car lovers with fresh new models and cutting edge technologies that go with them. GM cars, amongst India cars, are a perfect blend of stunning looks, accommodative interiors, fuel efficiency, performance, comfort and space and that is what an avid car lover is passionate about. As we look at the Chevrolet customer service reviews, we see India cars led by Spark, Aveo U-VA, Optra Magnum and SRV and Tavera Neo.

Chevrolet customer care service reviews reveal that in the past hundred years and more, GM cars have in their varied versions delighted the buyers with stylish, sports, family and rugged cars, to each accordingly and undoubtedly it leads as the second largest automaker in the world. Chevrolet customer care service reviews also lighten the fact that amid the India cars, GM cars are like by all as they offer luxury at the most affordable prices. Besides, luxury and comfort, GM is also concentrating on developing innovative and new technologies to manufacture cars that run on alternate fuel sources, electric power, and perhaps even hydrogen. To people who look for nothing but the best, Chevrolet is the ultimate answer as it encompasses great mileage, sturdy performances, sophisticated looks and low maintenance cost as its major highlights.

Service Dealer Reviews show best facilities provided

Riding on your favorite wheels is what we call it passion. That’s the way me and my friend take it driving. Our preferred car manufacturing company is Chevrolet because of the quality products. Well, the GM cars have always been considerate for their tough performance and good fuel economy. After all, it is not easy to be the top most car manufacturing company. When we both planned to buy a car by Chevrolet, we first checked out service dealer reviews. It is because we wanted to get the cars financed and was looking for a dealer with easy loan facilities.

Chevrolet customer service reviews reflected the excellent service provided by them. It was through this that we got to know about nearest dealer to our place and its product range. The dealer had a tie-up with various banks for car loan. This helped us to select the bank according to its process level. When we went to buy the car, we saw that the dealer welcomes his customers with utmost hospitality and provided all sorts of comfort. The attending staff was also quite well mannered. What we liked best was that they had a very less paper work process to help us take the loan.

GM Cars are likeable products in the Automotive Market

GM Chevrolet

GM Chevrolet

I am an avid car lover and that also of the quality, which drives me to any car model. And this was the reason that I got attracted to Chevrolet. Chevrolet people have always manufactured world-class stylish cars that can quench the thirst of any car lover. To people like me, we look out for cars that give good mileage, have sturdy performance, is stylish in looks and have low maintenance cost. Chevrolet is always considered as a trustworthy car manufacturing brand. This is not just all, they have an excellent customer care service also. Chevrolet customer care service reviews tells that the customers are extremely happy with the kind of facilities provided by them.

On seeing the range of GM cars in the market, I got really amazed and a bit confused over the fact that which one to select from. The Chevrolet guys had everything for every customer. From small cars to mid-sized and even luxury cars and SUVs, GM had brought every thought in the market. In fact, I think that Chevrolet has planned its products very nicely and have given each customer a really nice gift. They actually cared for the comfort that we all wanted. Now, this I would like to call a real dedicatedness. It is this gesture that has made me a fan of Chevrolet’s products. I have bought an optra magnum for myself, a spark for my younger brother and a Chevrolet Captiva for long drives with whole family.

GM India has set a benchmark in the Automobile Market

There are certain things that I would like to have in my car and would see while buying a car – looks, interiors, fuel efficiency, performance, comfort and space. Chevy cars have all these facilities for the people, who are always on a look out for excellence in their vehicle. In the world, where buying a car is not difficult anymore, the competition to manufacture cars as per customer’s need is something like a challenge. It seems that GM India has accepted this challenge with courage and has been delivering best cars in all categories. The family cars manufactured by GM have excellent comfort level.

In fact, the technology used in them is also of high value to uphold the market standing of manufacturers. The best thing about Chevrolet India cars is that they have been priced reasonably, so that all the people can afford to buy their dream car. The Chevrolet cars, including Spark car, are most promising in nature and have tires that are apt for all kinds of roads in India. No matter it is a smooth road or a rutted one, the shock absorbers in the wheels are designed to give you a jerk free driving. In fact, Chevy spark muzic has been liked by every car lover.

Chevrolet Awards are well deserved for the Quality presented by them

GM Awards

GM Awards

I have always kept a keen eye on the news related to automobile industry. Since, I am an automotive freak and love cars that have quality in their touch. It is because of this that the news about Chevrolet awards could not stay away from my hold. In the NDTV Profit Car and Bike Awards 2009, Chevrolet’s Aveo U-Va and Optra SRV won the awards for being Best Brand Ambassador and Best SUV of the Year.  Apart from this, GM prize list also had a JD Power Award for quality. All this reflects that General Motors and Chevrolet brand has been working dedicatedly to keep up to their market reputation.

Along with the news, I have been keeping in touch with the developments in Chevrolet. The latest cars introduced in the market by them are Spark, Aveo U-Va, Optra Magnum and SRV, and Tavera Neo. People have been flocking to the dealers’ showrooms to select their favorite model and color. After enjoying driving in their favorite Chevrolet car, the chevy buyer reviews have turned out to be excellent and have been raising favorable responses. Even, the GM customer feedbacks also inform that customers are also happy with the bonus services provided by the company, such as service stations, 24 hour customer care and original parts at service stations. All this has been of my interest because of the fact that Chevrolet has been one of favorite car manufacturing companies.

Chevrolet Mileage Reviews keep its Models on top

Good Mileage Cars

Good Mileage Cars

Everybody in today’s economy is looking for a vehicle that gives them the best gas mileage vehicle but it can seem like you’re in a maze when you go buying for that just right vehicle. Amongst the newly launched cars in small & mini car segment, General Motors’ Chevrolet Spark and Aveo U-Va have received tremendous response from the market. With the launch of these Chevy brands, General Motors India has given a tough competition to the major Indian auto giants like Tata and Maruti. The astonishing growth the GM car sales bears testimony to the growing popularity of Chevy brands in India. In the sedan and GM luxury cars segment, General Motors’ Chevrolet Optra and recently launched Optra Magnum have been receiving rave reviews from auto enthusiasts and auto experts.

In India, today, the small car segment dominates the automobile sector. Buyers in this segment are extremely cost sensitive and wants value for money products. Festival discounts, better warranty, Chevrolet cars fuel efficiency and service options always lure a typical middle class car buyer. The opening of Chevrolet Spark from General Motors India has intensified the competition in the small car segment and they are trying to provide better value for money products for its customers. The Chevrolet Spark comes with a three-year/100,000-km standard warranty. Apart from this, all the cars by GM have been raising excellent Chevrolet mileage reviews. GM has taken care of this for the benefit of as they know that every customer wants to have a car that does not ask for fuel again and again.

Chevrolet Cars have been appreciated by uncountable people

GM Chevrolet

GM Chevrolet

Chevrolet cars have always been appreciated on a global platform. Since its arrival in the Indian automotive market, it has become everyone’s most sought after brand of car manufacturing. The simple reason has been the superiority of the product that is being delivered to the customers. Chevrolet is a brand name registered under General Motors, who have manufactured a variety of family cars that can enable you to drive away in joy and happiness. In today’s fast moving world, we hardly get time to spend with our families. So, driving away together in a spacious car will make you feel elated. Chevy car user reviews tell us about the importance of this brand in a car lover’s life.

General Motors have manufactured for every category of people and for every purse. If someone wants a comfy car in small sized range; then, Chevrolet Spark is the best alternative. On the other hand, your luxury car needs can be fulfilled by Chevrolet Optra SRV or Magnum. From the maintenance cost reviews, we get to know that the engine and fuel economy is most effective part of cars by GM. The accessories in your car, relaxed and spacious seating option, types of wheels, effective air conditioner, storage space and stylish looks are few other notable things in a car. With Chevrolet cars, you don’t have to think twice to select a perfect and effective brand. You can enjoy your drive with all essentialities in the car models that will allow you extreme ease.

Chevrolet Cars are known for their Class and Features

GM Cars India

GM Cars India

General Motors have been quite famous as one of the most excellent car manufacturing company’s available in the country. Chevrolet has taken care of providing high- end security to its customers in their Captiva. In the present scenario of increasing number of road accidents, GM has given extreme significance to the security level of its Chevy cars. The monocoque body shell, ABS with EBD and dual front air bags allows you o enjoy a fearless drive, as per the captiva reviews. Going by it, they manufacture Captiva that could meet the demand of Chevrolet SUV cars. The combination of sporty design and tough performance keeps Captiva car at par with its opponent. Some of the specifications are self leveling independent suspension, anti-lock breaking system, hydraulic break assist, traction control system and the torque power of 142@5200 rpm that keeps it above the other Indian cars in its category.

On the other hand, another model of Chevrolet has created a revolution. The srv features has enabled the people to crave for this. It has been designed in the category of premium hatch back designs. In its group of cars, it has good fuel economy and does not fall heavy on your pocket. Both these new cars have been an instant hit among the car lovers. Captiva and SRV have been liked by every individual for the class it has and the global demands that it meets. If you are willing to buy any of these latest models; then, you can access your dealer for further process.

Chevrolet Cars Mileage Reviews reflect excellence of GM models

Chevrolet Cars

Chevrolet Cars

When an individual goes out in the market to buy a particular car; then, he look out for the mileage and fuel efficiency feature in it. It is because no one would like to have a car that falls heavy on their pocket and takes away their money like water. Chevrolet is one such car manufacturing company that has paid extreme attention on providing excellent fuel economy in all its models, whether for small segment, mid-size or GM luxury cars. As it is known that Chevrolet is a brand name under General Motors, there is no question left to be asked about the fuel efficiency. Even, the people that have bought its models have written in their Chevrolet mileage reviews that they seem to be enjoying the ride.

Just think that you are driving a model that does not let you get the fuel tank filled again and again. In this way, you will save a lot of time and money. Moreover, you will get a chance to enjoy your long drives without been disturbed by regular halts. It is through the Chevrolet cars fuel efficiency that the person comes to know that all the car models by Chevrolet have advanced technology that helps the people to drive without worries for refueling. If you buy any of the Chevrolet model; then, you are assured of wonderful performance and long-lasting technology. Since, the reputation of GM is well-known in the market, so there are no second thoughts needed to own a model from them.

Chevrolet awards have proven the excellent quality of its models

GM Awards

GM Awards

General Motors have always strived to manufacture excellent quality car models that are liked by every category of buyer. No matter, it is about Sports Utility Vehicle, mid-segment or small segment, GM has always given something best to its customers. With the brand name of Chevrolet, it has launched some of the best-selling car models in the country. Among its range of mid-segment cars, Chevrolet aveo series is the one that has earned Chevrolet awards for the GM. It was in NDTV Profit’s Car and Bike Awards 2009 that this series’ brand ambassador, Saif Ali Khan won the best brand ambassador award.  He has been associated with the Chevrolet since is first series of Aveo was launched in the market.

With the excellent concept of advertising, Chevrolet has gained the market value and a loot of customers. In fact, the ad awards given to the Chevrolet has added to is goodwill and has proved that the GM is one of the best car manufacturers available in the country. The biggest advantage of this particular award is that it is intended to increase the sales graph of GM and create new ways for the development of this company. On seeing the company wining his ward, it seems that their choice for Saif Ali Khan was appropriate to match the target audience of this car. If you are willing to buy any model in the aveo series; then, you can contact your nearest car dealer and check out the features in detail.

Chevrolet New cars contributed in boosting Sales Graph

Chevrolet New Cars

Chevrolet New Cars

Driving in comfort, becoming the envy of others because of stylishness and not having to worry about refueling, are some of the things that people demand from their new cars. Are you looking for a car manufacturer that can fulfill all your needs? Well, this means that you are searching for chevy cars. Chevrolet has established a market reputation with the technology and quality that it provides to its customers. It is a brand registered under the flagship of General Motors. They know that their customers are most valued and they need to work as per their demands to maintain their relation with masses. In fact, while designing cars, the technicians at Chevrolet take care of the common man’s need for comfort, style and budgeted cars.

From Tavera, Tavera Neo, Optra SRV, Optra Magnum and Captiva in the luxury category family cars to Spark, Aveo and Aveo U-Va in other categories, Chevrolet has definitely made car for every pocket. They have always worked toward the benefits of their customer and have tried to provide every sort of comfort within their budget. After all, the individual would be buying a dream car from his hard earned money. Some of the latest cars launched by Chevrolet are Spark Muzic, Aveo U-VA, Optra SRV and Tavera Neo. You can buy any of them, depending upon the requirement. All these cars give excellent mileage and are quite economical on fuel. Now, you will not have to worry about refueling again and again.

GM Customer Care lives up to the reputation of the Company

General Motors

General Motors

Chevrolet is world’s no. 1 car maker company, who operates under  General Motors (GM) and promises to deliver best quality with every new product of its. To live up to its reputation, GM services have always proved its worth. With services, such as best warranty time, low cost service parts, affordable spare parts and more than 100 service centers across country. Since its introduction in 1928, Chevrolet is incessantly manufacturing affordable and comfortable cars for their customers. These services also include help in finding a nearest dealer, online access to owner’s manual, complete safety information and schemes.

The plus point of GM is that they have always given weightage to customer care. GM customer care aims at solving the sudden issues coming with their vehicle and guiding them for proper maintenance of the car. A customer care executive from GM will also direct the customers to right individual for speedy solving of matters. If someone comes across problem of damaged parts, the GM customer care will help them in directing towards the maintenance department for quicker response. Chevrolet always believed in a good customer relationship. This is the reason that they encourage for Chevrolet customer care reviews, so as to keep themselves upgraded. The reviews help them GM staff to improvise their services and quality in cars for the complete satisfaction of customers. It also enables the staff to understand about latest trend in the market and increasing demands. After all, it is the customer satisfaction that helps the automobile industry to boost their sales.

Chevrolet Cars are creating fire on Indian Roads

Chevrolet Cars in India

Chevrolet Cars in India

Chevrolet India is considered as one of the most trustworthy brand in India. With a variety of car models, it has a place for every category of people. There are certain things that an aspirant buyer would see while buying a car – looks, interiors, fuel efficiency, performance, comfort and space. Chevrolet cars have all these facilities for the people, who are always on a look out for perfection in their vehicle. These cars are most promising in nature and have tires that are apt for all kinds of roads in India. No matter it is a smooth road or a bumpy one, the shock absorbers in the wheels are designed to give you a jerk free driving.

The Chevrolet India cars present in the market are Spark, Aveo, Aveo U-Va, Optra Magnum, Optra SRV, Tavera, Tavera Neo and Captiva. Every car has accessories and comfort level designed in liaison with the pocket of the buyer. Now, you don’t need to worry about the availability of a comfortable and stylish car within your budget. All you have to do is to find your nearest Chevy India dealer and choose the suitable model. Even the reviews of the people using Chevrolet’s cars have spoken eloquently about their quality and performance.

Customer service satisfaction

What most Chevrolet customer service reviews carry are about the courteousness of the executives and the efficiency of handling with the customers’ requests, queries, and complaints. I have been using the Spark for over a year now; being satisfied with the mileage and performance, I have posted many a Chevrolet Spark user reviews to let buyers know about the real car. I bought it after I went through the Chevy Spark reviews and ratings.

Spark – the Spark of life!

Design aesthetics are the uniqueness of Chevrolet cars. If you look at the Chevrolet Spark design including design of other Chevrolet cars, you will admit the same. Thousands of satisfied users speak volume about the negligible maintenance in Spark maintenance reviews. And why not? The increasing Spark cars on roads verify the same. And commendations about mileage, handling, interiors, engine capacity, etc. find mention in all Chevrolet Spark user reviews.

Comments on the Spark

It is only Spark and Spark that car lovers speak about in the small car segment. As per Chevrolet Spark user reviews, a blend of excellent fuel efficiency, stability, non-vibration even at high speed, parking convenience, and more are the preferred features. These are the aspects that have led users give Chevy Spark reviews and ratings a high grade. Low maintenance is another attribute spoken of in Chevrolet customer service reviews.

Design and maintenance of the Spark

Spark owners do feel proud of owning such a stylish vehicle. The Chevrolet Spark design, when it was first introduced, hit the market by storm and the spirit still prevails. I don’t have a Spark but after looking at it many a times and reading maintenance and other aspects in Spark maintenance reviews and Chevrolet Spark user reviews at car portals, I started giving a second thought to buy one.

Optra Magnum – symbol of magnificence

Delivering a power of 120PS at the rate of 3000 rpm – well that’s the Optra. The smooth ride is facilitated by the All Wheel Independent Suspension system. If you read Chevrolet Optra magnum reviews, you will know about its wonder features! Reading Chevrolet Optra Magnum diesel test drive reviews, I am all geared up for a test drive. And the Optra Magnum price ranges between Rs 8,02,317 to Rs 10,57,687 (ex-showroom Pune).

Aveo U-VA grandeur

The spirited car currently is no doubt the Aveo U-VA! I am not exaggerating – Chevrolet customer service reviews and Aveo U-VA fuel efficiency reviews prove the same. If you look at the city streets, it is the Aveo U-VA that dons the milieu. The maintenance is very low; this is apparent in what users say through Aveo U-VA maintenance cost reviews. You can affirm your confidence in the car if only you drive it!

Chevy Aveo U-VA advantage

If you are looking for a value for money hatchback, it is no wonder the Aveo U-VA. Believe me, the fuel efficiency facilitated by the excellent engine capacity makes it the ultimate option for budget conscious car owners like me. And I bought this car after reading Aveo U-VA maintenance cost reviews, Chevrolet customer care service reviews, and Chevy Aveo U-VA fuel efficiency reviews. You get an average of 12 to 16 kmpl.